Feature Products
The Spur Penis Plug   Art#: PN154
Urethral vibrating sound Small  Art#: UL212
Jewelled Butt plugs  Art#: BT-332
Three anal Eggs with Leather String  Art#: AB-407
Anal Hooks  Art#: HS-551
Pyramid Joystick - Stainless Steel  Art#: DO-673
Stainless steel Ass lock with ball  Art#: CB826
Five Pinwheeler  Art#: PL472
Three Pinwheeler  Art#: PL473
White Head mouth gag with belts  Art#: MG162
O Ring Collar  Art#: SBR1001
Heavy Wrist Spreader  Art#: SBR1012
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Customers love to buy new toys. But we also love to make new toys for our customers. :-)


Jewels butt plugs 3700 pcs in stock!


we have new stylish Anal hooks... Order now! :-) 

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